What Now / How It Works

Capital Credit BC - All Credit Auto Loans

The Process

After you complete the online application, it is sent to our email and one of our credit specialists will call you. You are under NO obligation to buy a vehicle and finding out your options is always free.

Interest rates can vary depending on your credit. Obviously if you have very bad credit the interest rate will be higher, but you will be able to discuss that with our specialist when they call you.

Terms can range from $0 down and 0% interest to a few thousand down and up to 29% interest depending on your situation. Length of the term could be 1 - 9 years depending on the payment structure you’d like.

Credit Rebuilding

If you are in a credit rebuilding stage, an auto loan is probably the BEST way to re-establish your credit rating. Owning a vehicle and making regular payments on time for 1 year can dramatically increase your overall score. Many people choose this option and then sometimes re-finance when their credit is restored.

We at CapitalCreditBC.ca would like to thank you in advance for your business.